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Content Management System


CMS is ideal for any business searching for a robust, full-featured WEB Content Management System at an affordable price. Maverick Software's CMS's web content management technology includes a set of rich features that range from comprehensive workflow management including access permissions, approvals and notifications. We manage the robust feature is our easy-to-access authoring using ASP.net technology, input and presentation template design and management, content re-use management and dynamic publishing capabilities. Web content management system genuinely aids a business website to avert the risk of losing customers.

OUR System

MSIPL creates a totally scalable and flexible system that will expand easily without significant future investment.

  • We provide the development of a content management system for your web site designed to your exact requirements.
  • We guarantee the security of the developed Content Management System with password protected login pages.
  • We work out the additional file upload facilities for you so that you may upload documents such as word files, PDF files, images etc.
  • We provide our customer to change the contents (text/images) dynamically

We Provide

Effective Content Management System solutions by Maverick Software India Private Limited will reduce your company's operating costs and enhance customer service. In addition, your sites will always be up-to-date that will help you gain leadership with your internet presence and the prosperity of your business. With our CMS, companies control not only the current web site's content, but also have a tool to implement their own ideas. They will manage navigation, web site structure, dynamic elements, tables and web-forms. These tools help them easily create pages on the web site in the way they want and place them online in real-time without specialists' help.

+91-9373312667 admin@mavericksoftware.in



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