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Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software

  • Useful for General Practitioners, Surgeons, Gynecologist, Small to big hospital, Nursing homes, and all Physicians.
  • Easy to use patient visit details (OPD/IPD) modules.
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Patient Registration
  • Clinical Modules
  • Indoor Management
  • Billing and account manager for your accounting needs.

Enhanced intra-organization communication and coordination

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better quality of care leading to improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduced patient waiting time.
  • Improved risk management
  • Optimizes revenue recovery and increases cash flow
  • Decreased denials
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Supporting standardized care protocols
  • Supporting paperless clinic

Appointment Scheduler

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Daily, weekly and monthly view
  • Quick follow-up appointment bookings

Clinical Modules

  • Patient Visit Details (OPD)
  • Prescription Module for quick prescription
  • Test & Investigation
  • Vaccine Chart


  • Estimation, Billing, Receipt,Vouchers Entry, 3C Register,Income & Expense register

Patient Registration

  • Patient Demographical details with photo
  • Patient name in regional languages

Indoor Management

  • Admission Details
  • Bed Management & Status Chart
  • Operation Theatre Reporting
  • Round Notes
  • Discharge Summary

Reporting Module

  • Patient Visit Report & Prescriptions
  • Test & Investigation reports
  • Estimate, Bill & Receipt Reports
  • 3C Register
  • Income & Expense Register
  • Letters, Certificates & Mailing Labels
  • Patient Summary

Staff Satisfaction

  • Information within the automated file is complete and legible.
  • There's no more searching the paper file page by page.
  • Your staff will spend less time filing and tracking down and managing files.
  • Enhances patient and document workflow.
  • Since the patient file is clearly organized, quickly pinpoint the exact information you need at that moment. Using Medicoclinic, physicians can spend less time on documentation and spend more time on patient care.

Phases of the implementation:

Our Clinical Excellence achieves first productive use of their PHR within 2 to 3 months.

1) Plan Phase: The Plan Phase focuses on Methodology helps organizations developing a clear vision for the future and the mission critical activities necessary to achieve this vision. Effective project governance facilitates timely decisions by the appropriate parties. Some of our Project-ready tools include:

  • Meaningful use readiness assessment
  • Visioning tools and metrics
  • Project charters
  • Project organization structure
  • Communication plans
  • Tracking and reporting tools for risk and issue management
  • Comprehensive project plan

2) Design Phase: The Design Phase uses an iterative prototype process that lets you “see” how the system will work. Our prototypes provide you with proper context for decision making while helping to avoid fundamental design mistakes. We help you understand the implications for workflow and data collections that are critical for meaningful use. Some of our project-ready design tools include:

  • Design session agendas and key decisions
  • Clinical content (order sets and clinical forms)
  • Organizational adoption tools

3) Develop Phase: In the Develop Phase, we leverage our prototype to configure the PHR system and the activities focus on clinician adoption and activation planning. Issues will be identified and corrected to decrease the cost of mistakes and Minimize non-productive use of time and resources.

  • Test scripts and scenarios
  • Training curriculum, course materials and competency exams
  • Performance measurement plan
  • Activation plans and support schedules

4) Deployment Phase: During the Deployment Phase we take the system live. Go-live readiness assessments are conducted to identify the go-live critical path items that must be completed prior to go-live. This phase is managed and executed bay dedicated team whose activities are guided by the comprehensive cutover plan developed in the previous phase. Post go-live, we assess the overall stability of the system, technical environment and operations.

5) Operate Phases: During the Operate Phases, we measure meaningful use of the PHR and seamlessly transition to support and maintenance& Overview of Our Methodology.

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